by Carlo Giustini

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Lost Tribe Sound Giustini's music has a quality I associate with exploring sound and locations within the Gloom or Limbo. Though not frightening like their cinematic portrayals, the music has a haunting quality. Sant'Angelo treads through cave-like formations populated with dripping stalactites, water-carved walkways, and the sound of slumbering leviathan's turning below. Reaching the surface, one discovers that hushed and pressurized feeling, akin to walking in open fields blanketed with freshly fallen snow.
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abdonoval Stunning work by Carlo, yet again. Favorite track: Notturno (I).
Sant'Angelo 04:23
Notturno (I) 12:55
Via Ortigara 14:50



A collection of 7 field recordings captured in September/ October 2017 among the houses and gardens of the small neighborhood of Sant'Angelo in Treviso (North East of Italy).

The neighborhood of Sant’Angelo, it’s main street and it’s church are named after the Archangel Michael who, referring to the tradition, gave God the elements of earth and water to generate Adam, the same Archangel who in the apocryphal Apocalypse of Baruch taught Adam and Eve how to cultivate and take care of the land.

The cult of the land is still celebrated today in many of the gardens and backyards of this small district, which is decorated with tiny patches that emerge obsessively here and there.

The cult of the earth in Sant'Angelo still lives, in the festivals (named Sagre) of late May and late September, a cult that resounds in the scent of the must, in the crackling noise of the corn and in the smoke of the mysterious fatuous fires which glow along the ditches in the humid summer nights.

Sant'Angelo in October begins to turn red and purple, it's gardens are covered with the leaves of the noble Radicchio, which in the icy autumn resemble tapered hands clinging to the frozen land.

Through sound, I tried to investigate and discover what really lies behind this neighborhood and it's suburban culture that has lived for hundreds of years in a dimension that ranges between the sacred and the profane, between wine and holy water, or more simply between the Christian and the Pagan.

I like to think that the post production process carried out on these audio tapes, is able to place these recordings in a plane of existence which is different from the purely material. I believe that the sounds enclosed in this collection are the mirror of an alternative version of reality, a double (astral). This collection is the result of a profound investigation of the materials, substances and chemical processes which glue and keep things together.

This work is nothing but a humble attempt to reveal a hidden side of this neighbourhood or more generally of the places we spend most of our lives.

All recordings are first, single takes.

No music instruments were used.

All tapes have been damaged irreversibly.

All recordings were captured through the all hearing eye of a microcassette recorder, a clip on mic and a reel to reel tape recorder.

- Carlo Giustini


released April 2, 2018

Recordings and production, Carlo Giustini
Artwork, Linn Schrab


all rights reserved


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